Burnley’s number 1 Footgolf course is based on the 9 hole golf course in Towneley Park. Footgolf is one of the hottest new sports in the world today and the 18 hole course will be a true test of your football and golf skills put together.

Footgolf combines the social aspect of golf with the world’s passion for Football and this will allow all to share their competitive spirit with family and friends. All you require is a football, scorecard, pencil and a big hole!

Foot Golf


Special Offers

  • Adult £10
  • Junior £5
  • £5 deposit per football

Opening Hours (Term Time)

Thursday & Friday 4pm-6pm (Group bookings only minimum 20 people)
Weekends 12pm-4pm

Opening Hours (School Holidays)

Monday to Friday 12pm-5pm
Weekends 12pm-4pm

Bank Holidays 10am-4pm

Call 01282 438473 to book your kick off time


How long does it take to play?

It will take you between just over 1 hour or 2.5 hours to play the course which will depend on the group ability and number in your team.


The Rules of Footgolf

The Rules 1

The Rules 2

Football and Golf mixed up to make one excting sport